Re-writing for Self-definition

The ontological status of fictional spaces and the characters that occupy them are extensions of the writers reality in his confessional offering of a slice of his life. On Binyavanga’s One Day I Will Write About This Place (Wainiana, 2011), it is said that the book is so powerfully written that while we’re reading it, we almost belong to the same place … More Re-writing for Self-definition

How to think like a Black Professional – In Current South Africa

Pick up statements like “I just want to be able to enjoy my hard-earned money.” Veer away from phrases that have anything to do with the structural conditions that remain unchanged. … More How to think like a Black Professional – In Current South Africa

Review: Listening to Mr Jay-Z

My concerns with violence at the time were somewhat poetic. The stuff of Jesus and sacrifice to cleanse for a better prospect. I was a fan of rage. Passionate about revolution and the apparent instant gratification of it all. After all liberty must be taken by force, if necessary. It’s between the force and ‘if necessary’ where Jay-Z finally finds me willing to listen. … More Review: Listening to Mr Jay-Z


Is the point of it all to live and die this way When do ancestors stop living, and do their decisions ever lose the limp in their step. What is it about brother’s and their unknown keepers And their invisible enemies. Enemies they feed We were lost together, brought up on the same advice Weeding … More Concession

Author Interview – Sarah Fader – CEO of Stigma Fighters and author of “#ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike: When you think everyone hates you & so much more”

Originally posted on toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish):
Hello there dear friends. I’m still going strong with all of the authors that I continue to invite along for this insightful gaze into their thought processes and what influences them. Just a quick note before we get started properly. I link to a…