Continental Giants

Baby weren’t you born bad?Or rather say it: Baby I was born bad– so we choose not play badWe call it balanceAnd You? Pretty little liar – I see my God in youNa xa ulahlekayo – with your silly tough act.We see God in you.Baphinde BathiShe the type yok’thatha into zakhe agoduke I don’t thinkContinue reading “Continental Giants”

Women Enough.

Originally posted on InbetweenSpaces2016:
Women in Male dominated Career fields Still frame of Silence of the Lambs (1991) by Nonkululeko Gwangqa Are women finally recording the women vs work narrative themselves? Is this even socially possible? Women working in male dominated professions/ environments face experiences that are unique to their counterparts in more gender neutral…

Dear Angel of Mine

How does it look from up there? This sea of Black and Blue, isn’t it a pity how we go on hanging by our necks bludgeoned to our toes, bewitched and bothered. Do we look bewildered and washed out? Tell me, what do you see?

I had Tippex in my mouth

Originally posted on @20whatwhat:
I remember the night I had an epileptic fit. I had night sweats that night. I had gone to bed cold, tired and without a fight. The sleep was restless. When Ma came to bed, the lights were already off ; and I was still cold. Shivering. Ma laid an extra blanket…


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Author’s Note

I’m a storyteller writing in-between things. The goal is to be like a light, to reach outwards and to shine, relentlessly. Mostly, I write because I exist. My ideas are made of the stuff of counter-narratives; Reader’s Digest; Hip hop, and corn fields; dead brothers and loneliness.

The events, places and characters are inspired by real people, places and events. Here you will find music reviews; short stories; original works of poetry and general essay writing.

The rest of the time I spend developing films and television series. This is an anthology on the fragility of information. I chose this overarching theme because of the rule that one truth can only be contested and dismissed by something else that is true.

My strategy introduces enigmatic forms of writing by mixing rules and expectations established literary forms. This is an anthology in real time, so it is liable to collapse into a way to express my existential despair. Nonetheless, the poetry is sensual and heart felt; the stories are provocative – call it the bane of my existence. This may very well be Trap writing.

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