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She left like a thread pulled through muslin her pillow smelt of the push of hair in night turned in bad dream and from me for so long I had held on the capsize of our ship drowning us both outstaying oxygen to feel her return how she used to take…

Six by 4

…while beating consonants echo hollowed hearts beneath brown grass singing lullabies to fruiting trees … More Six by 4


More dead than alive if you wish for independence. Take it and starve. The pit in my stomach is on fire Burn it all, Burn it all. The opening of my throat is sealing Smoke it out. Breath! I must be dying I must be dying in the eye of the storm Dying and raining … More 04-05-18


She dreads everything. Convincing her legs they were meant for walking Her arms feel like wings, but wings don’t open doors Or pick up water for drinking Her arms feel like shark fins Today her legs resemble a tree trunk And her chest feels like the ground floor to a sky scraper Convincing her eyes … More Disordered

You, sometime.

You don’t feel sane sometimes. It would be better if the pain was tangible, then you’d punch it back sometime Your head hurts all day. And being here feels like waiting for a train that isn’t coming, that left years ago. You have been knocked out of orbit, tired of feeling sorry for yourself. I … More You, sometime.