Fine Art

I see cracks. This perfectly painted picture has cracks  I see the flawa and they are not pretty. Nasty words slipping out,  their teeth have gaps that their smiles expose. I feel the rough chipped edges they try to conceal . Their eyes betray their warm smiles The flaws lay in the detail I see cracks … More Fine Art

Going. Home. 

Long roads, city lights  A heavy heart and empty eyes  trips back home were filled with joy  now, I rehearse verses like drill sergents – step out of line and I’ll tongue slice you. Hope the people near me don’t take it per-son-al-ly  I have verses I need to sort through, no room to converse  … More Going. Home. 

Daddy Died.

Daddy, slimy old weasel left and didn’t come back Daddy, that Bastard died and never sent word Now, Daddy, Oh Prince Daddy has another accolade because his daughter just realized that Daddy was the first to break her heart.

stay at home…

Paintings and chandeliers nothing could fill this empty house cold nights, alone at night, dinner for one and a cup for waiting up However will we make this house a home. take out, sliced bread, isn’t is wonderful. Alone at night, cold nights with television echoes for conversation

Secrets kept.

The way I see it, some people are born knowing. They breathe their first breath with an understanding that is innate only to their kind. And she was one of these people. A breed only as rare as variety. She filled three quarters of the average doorway and spent most of her time waiting. The … More Secrets kept.

Just when she thought she was complying she raged and broke  — TheFeatheredSleep

Things at a distance The child learns Not to burn herself on cooker top So not hold someone to their word People don’t always return Love Things learned at a distance Words do not describe reality Reality is not as they say Life is funny One moment it flows then everything stops Changes course And […] … More Just when she thought she was complying she raged and broke  — TheFeatheredSleep

May I be relieved

Relieved  Reaching but it keeps slipping walking forward with hope but the horizon is a mirage stepping but my feet are rooted so I haul the world at my feet I keep fighting. Cut me as you wish! reveal the diamonds fire. But, drowning hearts tell me to let go. There is no comfort in … More May I be relieved

“Born Xhosa”

I cannot recall if I was born Xhosa, but I am as certain of the ‘fact’ that the first words to escape my mouth were in isiXhosa, as I am certain of my knowledge of where the sun goes when it sets. In my understanding, I believe language is given to us, we are born … More “Born Xhosa”